Ossie Indoor beach volleyball

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Yes! We do bookings!
Corporate, School, Social


Men’s, Mixed, Open
2 / 4 / 6 A-Side

Social Drop-In

Casual Play & BBQ
Singles or Groups

Session Times

6:00 PM, 6:45 PM, 7:30 PM, 8:15 PM, 9:00 PM

Current Competition Season

Next Season


Men 4 A-Side
Mon $68/team

Mixed 6 A-Side
Tues, Wed $84/team

2 A-Side
Tues $40/team
Wed $50/team

4 A-Side
Thurs $68/team

Drop In Singles
Fri AND Sat from 5pm til very late,
Start/Finish your choice


How it works

Ossie Indoor is open Mon-Thurs from 5pm for social competitions. We are also open for drop in from 5pm Fri and Sat

The centre has about 260 teams playing throughout the year and caters for different skill levels.

The format for Mon-Thurs competitions is similar, with 5 time frames of 45 minute games.

The first time frame starts at 6pm and the last at 9pm. 
Each game consists of 3 x 14 minute sets. 
Points are allocated for ladder positions:
2 for a set win, plus bonus 1 for each 10 in the game score. 
Subs are permitted in each competition, with exchange to occur between sets.

Fri/Sat night drop ins:
players come along and provide their details and are put into teams, which are constantly updated through the night as players come and go. Often played until midnight, but each player comes and goes as they choose.

This game is unique and takes a bit of getting used to, even if you’ve played conventional volleyball.

The counter staff can assist with information on how to play the game and practical assistance if you wish it. Please feel free to ask.