Superleague is an elite tournament, held between the 7 current major centres over the May to August period. It offers the chance for our patrons to play in combined teams in our centre colours and in a highly competitive environment, where skills and strategies are sharpened.

Each centre nominates 8 teams – 2 Ladies, 2 Mens and 2 Mixed, plus 1 Over 35 Ladies and 1 Over 35 Mens. ALL TEAMS ARE 6-A-SIDE. The competition is held over 5 rounds, on a Saturday, usually 3-4 weeks apart. These qualifying rounds are followed by a finals round in August each year, where the top 4 teams in each division play off for a premiership also on a Saturday. 

Our centre is the newest in superleague and have rapidly improved. Last Year (2016) we won 5 out of the 10 divisions.

Cost is approximately $150 for the season, which includes all rounds and a club singlet to play in.

For more information, please speak to counterstaff during the week.

Tryouts for 2017 are on:

Sunday February 26th 10:30am - 12:30pm


Please do your best to attend the try out if you are keen to play. If you cant make it please let us know by email or in person. 

Superleague dates for 2017:

R1: 6th of May

R2: 27th of May

R3: 17th of June

R4: 1st of July

R5: 29th of July

Finals: 19th of August




Congratulations to previous Ossie Indoor Beach Volleyball Super League Winners

Ladies 2 2016

Ladies 3 2016

Mens 2 2016

Mens 3 2016

Mixed 2 2016

Ladies 1 2013

Ladies 2 2013

Ladies 3 2013

Mens O35's 2013

Ladies 1 2012

Ladies 2 2012

Ladies 3 2012

Ladies 1 2011

Ladies 2 2011

Ladies 3 2009

Ladies 2 2007

2012 Season Winners

Congratulations to the teams that won this season!


^^ Ladies 1 ^^


^^ Ladies 2 ^^



^^ Ladies 3 ^^