Premises Details
Type of Premises: INDOOR SPORTS Position Title: MANAGING DIRECTOR
Street Address: 43 COLLINGWOOD ST OSBORNE PK Completion Date: 20 MAY 2020
Contact No: 0409 407 536 Revision Date:  
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it    







1. Physical and Social Distancing

  • Max 100 people in the venue at any time.
  • Courts will only have up to 6 players per team in 63m2 >10m2/player
  • Players will enter/leave the venue via separated pathways
  • Players must sign in with their full name and mobile contact after washing.


2. Hygiene

  • Players must wash their hands when they enter the premises (bathrooms).
  • Players must use hand sanitiser, available at each court, on entry.
  • Sanitiser must be rubbed thoroughly over hands at each application, including between fingers.
  • Balls will be sanitised between games.
  • Staff will use sanitiser after handling cash between games.


3. Staff Training and Eduation

  • Staff will be trained and requirements will be revised with them before each session starts.
  • Sanitiser will be provided behind counter.


4. We are aware that in addition to the legal obligations arising from the Emergency Management Act 2005 and the Directions made under that Act, we must continue to comply with relevant existing legislation and regulations, including WorkSafe legislation.

  • Yes.

5. Response Planning

  • We will maintain a record of each night's attendees.