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COVID Safety Plan

We are adhering to government regulations in the interest of player safety.

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***Current Requirements***


Players are allowed to do vigorous exercise without masks but must wear a mask once off court.




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Mens 4 A-Side – Monday $60 per team
Mixed 6 A-Side – Tues, Wed $72 per team
2 A-Side – Tues $40 per team intro, Wed $44 per team
Open 4 A-Side – Thursday $60 per team
Drop In Singles - Fri OR Sat from 5pm
til very late, Start/Finish your choice


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New Season

Tuesday 2-a-side


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Ossie Juniors

12 - 17yrs, $5 each for coaching/game play package

3pm - Coaching, 4pm Games.   Every Saturday

We are hoping to enter teams into under 18's Superleague, so get on board

Call 0409 407 536 or just rock up on the day


The Game
Indoor beach volleyball is a game played by two teams on a sand covered volleyball court surrounded by netting, where the ball is played rebound off the nets, with no outs, therefore the ball is live at all times.
The ball may be hit with any part of the body above the waist (no intentional head butting), but each side is limited to three consecutive hits, no player is allowed to make two consecutive contacts. Teams can only score a point off their own serve.
The game is controlled by a determined time frame per game, the team with the highest score at the end of that time is deemed the winner, if both teams finish on the same score at the end of time a draw will result.

The game is controlled by an umpire who scores and keeps the time, In any sport, there are close calls where players will disagree, but the umpireís decision is always final. Any arguing with or abuse directed at an umpire can result in a point reduction, followed by a send off.

The Team

  • A team consists of four or six players.

  • In the case of mixed teams, there must not be more than three males, and at least two females on the court for each team at one time.

  • Substitutions are only allowed during breaks between games of sets.

  • Players must position themselves, male, female, consecutively on the court.

    Serving and Positions

  • The ball must be served within one metre from the back net and the right hand side net.

  • The ball can be served over or under arm.

  • The ball must not have contact with any nets whilst being served.

  • All players must serve. Players are to rotate clockwise on winning serve.

  • The ball must be set at least once on receiving the serve before returning the ball back over the centre net.

    Ball and Net Abuse
    Any kicking of the ball may result in a deduction of two points at the umpireís discretion. Players unnecessarily abusing the nets may be sent off.

    Side and Top Nets
    All nets can be used in general play, except when serving the ball, or contact with the top net when it is returned over the centre net to the oppositions side of the court, this is deemed a foul.

    General Play

  • Any contact with the centre net by a player whilst the ball is in play, will result in a foul.

  • A block at the centre net is not included as part of the three hits.

  • The blocking player is entitled to play at the ball again on the consecutive shot.

  • Two hands must be used to be called a block.

  • Any player may not reach over the net when the ball is in play.

  • If the umpire deems a player has reached over the net during the play, the player will be fouled.

    The point or serve is lost when:

  • The ball touches the ground.

  • Team plays the ball more than three times in succession.

  • The ball touches a player below the waist.

  • A player touches the ball twice consecutively (except on a block).

  • A player touches the centre net.

  • The ball touches the top net (except when setting to your own player).

  • A player blocks or spikes the ball back over the net off the serve.

  • The ball does not pass over the net on the serve.

  • The umpire calls a carry.

  • A player interferes with an opponent's player.

  • A player intimidates an opponent or abuses another player.

  • The serve is made from outside the serving area.

  • A player kicks the ball.

  • A player attacking or defending reaches over the net.

  • A player abuses the umpire.

  • The ball hits a net when served.

  • Blood rule, must come off at once.
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